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Formal Introductions

Good evening. Soon…I finally decided to hop aboard the blog train and start one of my own. There are many other great blogs out there (a couple that inspire me are Web 2.0 Classroom and Free Tech 4 Teachers), but something I really miss in life is writing. I’ve written professionally in the past (if you call writing a free-lance column in the local paper as a teen professional), but now that I am a teacher, I feel as though I could contribute something to other teachers out there and grow with them.

So allow me to introduce myself: I’m Scott. I recently completed my 3rd year of teaching in Fort Wayne, IN. I have taught US History to juniors and US Government to seniors for the past 3 years. Ive recently come across a new challenge and next year I will be taking over my school’s psychology courses. PSYC was my favorite subject in college (Purdue University graduate), so I could not be more thrilled to take over this class.

This blog will develop and morph as it finds it’s legs, but I am picturing it focusing on teaching US History, Psychology, a little Government, educational technology, and anything else I find interesting in education.

I am on Twitter: @MrScottSnyder

I am on YouTube: AmazngSnyderMan

I hope you will follow my adventure into teaching.